Investing in People’s Potential

Investing in People’s Potential
Watch how Yasser Hussein, part of the Operations Team in Erbil, grew his career at Aramex through his commitment to learning and self-improvement.
Yasser Hussein Operations Team Erbil, Iraq Joined Aramex in 2006

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Wish you all the best.

i'm really happy for you dear that you finally found the right place for you and you got all the support you need from your managment and PPL in your company to improve yourself.
wish you all the best

inspiring.. experience and better idea can show better culture

Mer YASSER vous ète si intèlligent,bonne chance à vous et fèlicitation à la famille ARAMAX.

Interesting destination

Good Luck

That is very inspirational! God bless Aramex.

Your are very lucky to have such creative people who found your talent and helped you to develop and grow, i wish, i could have people like you had around me :) ,,,,,

Excellent wish you the best .

Aramexian, is kind of people who can Benefit from the simple ideas and develope it up to creativity.
Good luck coleague and keep it up.

well done Mr. Yasser. Your growth is inspiration to me and my team (Jeddah Logistics)...

This is an inspiration to me. I dream to be apart of our Aramex team in London. This is just given me the push I need.
Thank you and well done

Fantastic! Keep up the good work and best of luck Yasser in your career. Regards :)

wish you all luck and best

It's Really very inspirational! Keep it up Yasser and God bless all Aramexian People Wherever you are!!

It was clear from the beginning that your curiosity to learn was going to take you somewhere. Best of luck!

Yasser---- excellent your work,you are lucky,god bless you.

you are so intelligent ,keep it up in improving your self

Excellent job my friend you deserve it,keep it up ,I wish you all success.

well done Yasser - what helps is that people like Yasser are so dedicated to their work and ethics that Aramex feels compelled to help them improve.

Excellent, your are lucky .wish you the best !!!

Good luck to you and more power Yasser! It was not just an Inspiration - it gives motivation as well.. Working hand in hand increase carrer growth and self esteem .. Kudos to ARAMEX Family.

i know through your persistence and hard work will pay off. you are an inspiration

excellent Yasser , wish you the best

Excellent......Really inspiring. keep up the good work.

That is very inspirational! God bless Aramex.

So much inspiring,keep hard working and draw lessons from the past patiently,finally you can make it.

excellent...a place where everyone want to be. you grow together with the company .

Bravo Yasser ..keep up the good and ambitious spirit
Share.Inspire.Lead ....Investing in development of people is the key of the success game !

good luck yaser and good luck aramex...thnaks to the HRM of aramex

Brilliant Idea!! very inspiring :) its always good to work in a company that fosters such a culture and believes in talents and self improvements :) its what made Aramex what it is today :)

So inspiring keep up, the harder you train the easier the game because hardwork is rewarding. Keep the aramex dream.

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