Empowering Front-liners

Empowering Front-liners
Watch how a culture of empowerment at Aramex enabled Claude Hamarneh, an Aramex front-liner, to turnaround a complaint into a unique and positive customer experience
Claude Hamarneh Senior Outlets Team Leader Amman, Jordan Joined Aramex in 2008

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good job claude...Best of luck Insh

well done

I worked with Claude back in 2001 and I can assure that she was always self-starter and full of energy. Good luck Claude and I wish you all the best with your career...

Great story reflecting the fact inside aramex!

Greetings... The video is quite nice... It shows the effort that we do to ensure prompt and happy customer service... Claude looks great... Wishing Aramex all the best on its 30th birthday...

Thank you Dr. Salman :)

looking great Claude.. so natural.. and yes, you always do your utter best not to let your loyal customers down.. you are doing a great job, and we all appreciate this.. :)

I have been a loyal customer for shop&ship since 2003, ARAMEX has always showed me attentive response and satisfying results. well done Claude and all of ARAMEX family members :)

Great Job Claude , Keep it up :) Rula /ex-Aramex employee

Claude, thumbs-up, you inspire us all as a fellow colleague and as a friend. proud to serve at your side always. cheers...

As usual great Job Claude

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