Delivering with Passion

Delivering with Passion
What does it take to run a major hub for a global logistics company? Jaffar Ali, Aramex Regional Operations Manager in Dubai, highlights the importance of passion
Jaffer Ali Regional Operations Manager Dubai, United Arab Emirates Joined Aramex in 1982

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Hello, Jaffar. I heard many stories told by many Aramexians about your passion and dedication. watching and listening to you tell your story, inspired me even more. All the respect, Lina Shehadeh

Hi Jaffer, This is just to thank you for the excellent work you and your team give to our Network Day and Night, We often forget that there is a great Express Hub running In Dubai cause it just Runs No matter what the challenges are. All the best Faris,

Very impressive a true model of leader who is fully dedicated, devoted, and loyal always will solution for any problem

When it comes to a query from a customer and you see that the shipment will touch DXB hub then there is nothing to think about. Just sell with confidence! Thats how DXH has been behind the scene :) Great job Jaffer.

History, present and future...Motivational role model for the second generation. Thank you Jaffer for your support

Good pose! And very good rendition. Jaffer is motivation to all new-comers and such stories go a long way in encouraging staff to build a long term relationship with Aramex. What has kept me and still keeps me motivated is both intrinsic (i enjoy what i do) and extrinsic (the environment and people around me are simply great!).

Jaffer is a dear friend, trustworthy person, I forget cases when left in Jaffer's hands. thank you for all your assistance, all the best !!...

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