Engaging with Communities

Engaging with Communities
Watch how Mohamed Reda and his team helped in the cleanup and organization in Cairo after the events of March 2011 - reflecting Aramex’s commitment to serve its communities
Mohamed Reda Ground Couriers Team Leader Cairo, Egypt Joined Aramex in 2002

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Excellent Professor Mohammad're like me

Excellent Mohammad Reda Good dialogue Aramex

great work, keep it up,nothing is ever built every thing remains to be built...

This is my boy well done lad I love the way of how you are living aramex culture superior keep it up

Excellent Mohammad Reda constantly in progress in Aramex to live a secure life

very good Mohamed ,really I’m proud by this video ,good luck Mohamed

always well done is better than well said, this is Outstanding

Excellent work done by responsible people.. good job to all

It was a pleasure meeting you Mohamad, you and Aramex CAI are truly an inspiration...

Good luck Mohamed and I wish you success .

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